Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In Everything Give Thanks

It's November, and now that things in our [new] house are beginning to fall into place, we've started doing our Family Faith projects each month. As usual, our theme for November is giving thanks.

Last year, we did a tree with fall leaves. This year, PumpkinButt requested a cornucopia.

I took these before we actually started, so it's pretty bare up there. I also got excited & took the pictures before I put the scripture up.

The deal is that every day in November, we each write something we are thankful for on a fruit/vegetable. Then we color it, cut it out, and hang it up on the board. (This way my kids get fine motor practice too!) This is always something we mention during the "thank you" portion of our bedtime prayers, and we talk about things during the day that could later be put on the board. This way, we're incorporating it throughout our day. I'll take more photos throughout the month as we start to fill it up.

How do you give thanks?

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  1. Excellent idea! I like the idea of the cornucopia.

    I was thinking of doing a Thanksgiving Tree. Haven't worked out the details yet.


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