Thursday, December 16, 2010


It snowed.
 It was a powdery, dry snow...
 ...that blew and drifted between the houses.
 It tried to cover the Christmas lights, but they were having none of that.
 It covered up the last of autumn...
 ...the last of summer.

 It blanketed the garden...
 ...left the sunflower stranded in white...
 ...drifted up against the fence.
 But the sun came out.
 And the trees bent in the wind and collected snow between their branches.
 And someone forgot to tell this little green leaf that it's time was over weeks ago.
 The snow blew up onto the porch...
 ...and covered the hillside.
 And a small feathered friend waited patiently for me to go inside so he could have a bit of seed.
Happy winter.

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