Thursday, August 7, 2014

Update on the PetCo Letter

A few weeks ago, I posted this open letter to PetCo about the time they sold my six year old a terminally ill pet rat.

I'm happy to report that PetCo really stepped up. I received a phone call from a very apologetic representative who absolutely made things right.

 He promised to launch an audit into the location in question. The health of all the animals in that store is going to be checked. Additionally, he promised to implement an updated training for the staff in that store; apparently they violated several of the company's policies regarding the health and wellness of the animals, as well as several others with their very poor customer service. In the end, PetCo reimbursed us for the vet bill and refunded the cost of the rat.

I am satisfied with the outcome, and will likely use PetCo in the future, though I'm not sure I'll be returning to that particular location again.

So, thank you PetCo, for making right a bad situation.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mission and We Statements

As we prepare for our new school year, we identified our Mission Statement and We Statements.

I'm not usually one of those "Rah-Rah, Go Team, Mission Statement" kinds of people, but for our homeschool it seems important to know what we do and why. I used the mission statement planning worksheets from, which made it really easy. (She has lots of other great ideas, too!)

The "We Statements" are basically a list of behavioral expectations that we all worked together to create. Some of them may sound a little basic or "goes without saying," but when you have a student on the autism spectrum, there is nothing that "goes without saying;" everything must be said!
What do you think? Do you have a mission statement for your family or homeschool?