Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try it Out Tuesday - Banana "Ice Cream"

Since we are preparing for our Independence Day BBQ, I went with something simple this week: a recipe.

For ice cream.

That uses two ingredients (neither of them is or cream),

And... it's healthy.

You can find the original pin on my "In the Kitchen" board HERE. And you can find the original post HERE.

So, what are the two ingredients?
1) frozen bananas
2) peanut butter (optional)

In a Nutshell:
You peel and cut a banana into smallish pieces; put it in the freezer for about an hour; put it in your blender & pulse until it turns crumby (literally); continue to blend until it turns creamy. Enjoy.

Modifications I Made:
  • I didn't peel & cut up the bananas before I froze them. My solution for bananas that are slightly past their prime but still okay to eat is to put them in the freezer. Peel and all. (Because I'm very lazy efficient like that.)

  • I had to add a little milk because I originally tried it in my Magic Bullet, but it dislikes certain textures. Even after the milk, I had to transfer it to my actual blender. By this time, the bananas had defrosted a bit, and the final consistency was more pudding-ish. My boys still absolutely loved it.

For the Win:
  • My dudes loved this stuff!
  • This is a tasty-but-healthy recipe that is actually both tasty and healthy.
  • My kids decided that I am (or was, at least for an hour or so) completely cool. Since it is completely healthy, I made this for the boys to go with their breakfast, which made it even better because, seriously, what UN-cool mom would serve pudding for breakfast?
  • Now that I know the Magic Bullet will give me attitude dislikes this particular recipe, it will be really simple & quick to make.
  • I absolutely hate - and I mean HATE bananas - the smell, texture, feel on my fingers, taste - ugh. The thought makes me shudder & gag. This recipe is a WIN because frozen bananas do not feel or smell like bananas.

  • I absolutely hate - and I mean HATE bananas. I can't even swallow them because they come right back up. So I didn't get to enjoy this particular treat.
  • My kids are going to want this all the time, so I'm going to have to stockpile nearly-spoiled bananas in the freezer.

Would I Do This Again?
Yes. In fact, I'm pretty sure the boys are going to request it for breakfast or snack tomorrow!

Do you have any tasty-but-healthy treats that you enjoy?

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  1. Oh wow. That looks awesome!!! I will definitely be trying it!

  2. I love your Try It Out Tuesdays kelly!!! I need to give you a list of things to try from my Pinterest account LOL!! ~Joce

    1. I was just thinking about taking some requests, Joce! Let me know which ones you'd like me to try for ya - we probably have several in common!


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