Thursday, November 11, 2010

That Was a Humdinger!

So, you know how God made kids so that they tend to be inquisitive, curious creatures? And you know how they are forever asking interesting questions & making really fascinating comments?

 I think this is one of the ways that God sort of shares is sense of humor with us. I mean, really... sometimes these comments make you question whether you are fit for parenthood, and sometimes these questions just make you wonder what planet your kid is really from. They are almost always good for getting a chuckle.

Well, I have to admit that our oldest is not so much a curious person. He has always sort of just accepted his world as it is & doesn't really question it. Every now & then, he'll ask a question or make a comment that makes me think to myself, "Phew! That was a humdinger!" It maybe happens four or five times a year in our house.

Well, Tyson was on quite a roll today, because he hit me with THREE!

1. This morning (before his eyes were even completely open) he says to me, "Mom." I thought he was going to ask me something easy, like "what's for breakfast," or "if time travel could be possible would it really rip a hole in the space-time continuum if you met yourself?" Nope. Nothing so simple as that. He asked, "Did you know that a girl can get married to a girl and a boy can get married to a boy?"
Oh boy. He's seven. I honestly naively thought we had a couple more years. I blame it on public school. Anyway, in the moment, when we were rushed to get to said institution on time, I told him that wasn't exactly true & that we would discuss it later. (Then I practically ran straight to Husband in a slight panic & sought advice before revisiting this topic later this evening...)

2. Later this morning, as Tyson was eating breakfast & I was packing his lunch, he hits me with, "Mom, how did Daddy grow all that hair under his armpits?" Ugh. Really? Do we have to have the whole "someday your body will change" conversation over breakfast? I told him that at some point, when a boy is a teenager, he starts to grow hair in strange places on his body, like his arms, legs, and ~yes~ armpits. He said, "Hmmm. Pappy and Popi are pretty old, so they must have a LOT of hair growing out of their armpits!!!"  To which I replied that it doesn't keep growing like the hair on your head; God put the underarm hair on a timer. It only grows to be so long, then it stops. He appeared relieved and then his eyes got wide & he said, "Uh, Mom? When I grow up will I start growing hair... you know...? And on my... you know... [whispers] backside?"  Really, son? It's 7:15 in the morning.

3. Tonight, as I was cleaning out his ears (by the way, why are boys' ears so icky?) I mentioned that his brain must have been working overtime this week. He asked why & I said because when his brain works really hard, it pumps extra wax out his ears, like exhaust out of a car. He said, "Mom, that's SO not true. You're teasing me." Yes, I said, I was. Then he said - are you ready for this? Brace yourself.

"Anyway, ear wax tastes really gross."

And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is why I call these HUMDINGERS.

This Humdinger has been brought to you today by God's Awesome Sense of Humor.

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  1. Funny post! Don't you just love the questions kids ask.


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