Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Wrong with this Picture?

I used to love those brain-puzzles where you have to find all the things that are wrong with the picture. It was always silly stuff, like a picture of a mom, hard at work in her daily routine. Only she's have a banana propped between her ear & shoulder instead of a phone... and she's be ironing with a toy firetruck instead of her iron.

Well, this is a photo I took of a flier that Tyson brought home from school the other day. It's advertising a couple of days when the local middle school's indoor swimming pool will be open for district families.

See if you can spot What's Wrong with this Picture.

Can you see it?

I know, at first I thought it must be the fact that a middle school has an indoor pool (in a district that is asking for a raise in taxes today). I mean, sheesh, my high school didn't have any kind of swimming pool at all! Unless you count that massive sink hole pothole out in front of the band room that used to fill up when it rained.

But, no. That's not it! Remember, this flier is advertising a fun-filled experience of family togetherness. Here's a hint:
See it now? That swimmer is not having a fun-filled evening of swimming. That swimmer is clearly in distress!

And he's not alone! There are a bunch of other swimmers-in-distress on the back of the flier!

It made me think that maybe we should skip this school activity in favor of more safe activities.
                 You know, like juggling swords.


  1. LOL! How funny. I noticed the worried guy right away, but didn't put it together! Guess someone couldn't find a very good image! Ps. Love your new look here. One problem, my purple friend. A certain color is gone!

  2. That is too funny!!! It most certainly does not instill confidence in swimming in that pool! LOL

    I'm with you...opt for the swords.

  3. And I love the new look too. I wish she had one more purple-y...but this one is very much you!


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