Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Ways to Know Summer Break is Here:

10. The cicadas have invaded Missouri and are wreaking havoc on my sanity. And my car.

9. St. Louis has already experienced its first heat advisory.

8. My neighbor's air conditioning hasn't stopped running in 7 weeks.

7. My boys are sporting their "summer hair" (i.e. buzz cuts).

6. I am sporting my "summer hair" (i.e. ponytails and twisty buns every day).

5. My tennis racket has been freed of its bag and cleared of the cobwebs. (Yes, I have cobwebs in my garage... I know. That's a shocker.)

4. My normally quiet house is filled with noisy boy sounds all. day. long.

3. My normally delightful-smelling home suddenly has an air of sweaty dogs (and boys).

2. I am suddenly getting lots of cleaning/organizing knitting projects done.

And the number one way to know summer break is here:


My school year job might drag me (kicking and screaming) from my blog, but summer break mostly leaves me alone to share my extremely interesting crazy blessed life with my friends & family who live far away. (And those who live close, but who apparently lack enough things to do and feel compelled to read this masterpiece train wreck despite having actual social contact with me on a monthly/weekly/daily basis. Yes, I said daily. Feel sad for those people.)

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  1. Wooohoooo!!! Sheeeeeee's baaaaaaaack!!!

    Missed reading your updates. Better get crackin' on some posts here girl!

    Love you!


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