Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 - 2 - 1


Well, it's almost summer vacation.

I have four music therapy sessions to do this morning, and then I will finish the day by cleaning out my car & packing up instruments for the summer.

And then I can sigh. I can breathe. I can throw the stress by the wayside.

I can get everything ready for our Summer (Home)School v2.0

I'm excited. I'm using next week to clean up the house (because by the end of the school year, it resembles Oscar the Grouch's home), and to organize materials for three very full months of home education. I'll also be blogging about the organization process, as well as our adventures as we go through the summer.

So, if you enjoy the likes of The Three Stooges and Abbot & Costello... then this will be the blog for you. I am quite certain we will be bumbling through lessons in Bible, Patriotism, spelling and math. I am sure to trip & fall flat on my face. But, it will almost certainly be a comedy of errors, as I am determined to embrace this summer with grace, humor and joy.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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