Friday, May 28, 2010

School's out for Summah!

There are only two Alice Cooper songs to which I know any of the words... the title of this post would be one of them.

Summer vacation has begun.

Wednesday was my last day of school, and I've been doing pretty much nothing ever since.

Oh, there are lots of things I should have been doing...

but it is so rare that I have two whole days to myself.

Yesterday I went to see Sex & the City 2. Yes, I know it's a very Christian movie to see. Ahem. But it's really not that bad. Despite a few naughty words and two (I think)... um... gratuitous scenes, it's mostly just about a few girlfriends who trip & stumble though their lives. I think my favorite part was when the two moms in the group (Charlotte and Miranda) toast all of the moms who raise their kids without a full time nanny! Most of the women in the theater laughed out loud at that!

Today I also didn't do much. I sorted a few magazines. I went to the gym. I shuffled a few papers here & there.

Next week I being preparing in earnest for summer school.

Next week I also begin blogging in earnest about summer school. (I know that everyone is probably very interested in my very exciting summer plans...)

I'll also be blogging about the garden, the boys, the house and anything else I find interesting, amusing or otherwise noteworthy.

So, check back Monday for some sort of incredibly fascinating post about some sort of incredibly fascinating topic. Cheers!


  1. Yay! We wait with great anticipation and excitement! (crowd forms and Keowdie comes in dressed in purple...). We earnestly click our mouses to the blogger who delights us all! (Audience hushes as Keowdie prepares to entertain our socks off!) We receive, we ingest, we are changed forever! LOL. I know, I am in a weird mood. Signing off for tonite...goodnite!

  2. I just wanted to say that my schedule posted today is for next year, not summer. Summer is simple. Twenty minutes of catch up math and times tables, period. I hope I never make anyone feel bad. Your summer will be terrific!


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