Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blessings Come in Unexpected Forms (Part 1)

This is the type of thing that I think of when I ponder technology:
Despite being married to a computer jock who loves gadgets & technology, I tend to be quite suspicious of technology. My husband works in computers. Even more than that, he is one of the "technovators" in his company... his job is to dream up new and profitable ways to use technology in the credit union. He's really good at what he does because he absolutely loves technology, gadgetry and toys.

I, on the other hand, tend to approach technology as though it's a dog that could bite at any second. While I often see the advantages (I can email my mom in AZ in a split second; I can check the live radar from my phone; I can look anything up at any time without having to make room in my house for the entire Encyclopedia Britannica), I also see the dangers (internet predators, the lack of social accountability that comes with anonymity, the distraction that comes with all that information being right there at your fingertips, the big hole that was left in our budget when I discovered Ebay that one winter...).

I tend to think of the internet as being a big time-sucking distraction from the things that are - or should be - truly important. How many hours have I spent on Facebook when I could have been doing other things? How many times have my husband & I accidentally passed up real quality time with our children or each other because we lost track of time while checking Twitter & email? I tend to resent the technology and I know... I just know... that God does not want me to have it. It must be the opposite of how He wants me to spend my time (any of it). It is a horrible monster, a plague, really, created by man that will accomplish nothing but distracting us all from God and our families... I could go on...

But then again...

Every now and then...

God throws me a surprise.

And like a person hit in the face with a cream pie, I am surprised.

And then not surprised, because this is God we are talking about.

...and you'll have to tune in again tomorrow for part 2 of this post!


  1. hey! I had to take pics of Jmm off my blog because there were suspicious hits on one or two pics... I since then lost my naivete on the internets. It's a place just like the real world. But then twitter or fb comes along and makes me happy at it again.


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