Monday, October 26, 2009

Blessings Come in Unexpected Forms (Part 3)

So the very next day, I started getting up early to pray & read my Bible. I started listening to the BOTT radio network again. I began to recite Galatians 5:21. Often. I asked myself "Is this faithful instruction?" before correcting or directing my children.

And I began to feel better. And I began to function better. And after three days of this, I felt compelled to open the laptop that sits next to my chair and read one of those blogs. And the post that she wrote spoke directly to my heart.

And I realized that blessings come in unexpected forms.

Because the selfish "me time" that I no longer felt I had time for was really "us time" that I must make time for. God put these women in my life for a reason. They have much to share. God compelled me to start this second blog for a reason. I am here, in the beginning of my journey of faith, and even in my humble beginnings, I have much to share.

These blogs, this community of typed words and pictures, of bold fonts and italics, of prayers and scripture and lessons taught and learned... it's all a new kind of fellowship. It is Titus 2. It is the kind of gathering and sharing and teaching that the women who went before us had to go down to the well to experience.

And it's not a plague from man. It's a blessing from God. I asked God to teach me; He gave me a whole community of women from whom to learn.

So I am pledging to get back to reading the blogs, and to sharing my thoughts & experiences on my blog(s). I'm sure I'll never be able to read all 188 that I've missed, but I'll definitely go through & catch up a few at a time. Also, I'm pretty sure only one or two people read this blog, but I will still share anyway. God is doing wonderful things in my heart and my life, and I want to be praising Him and glorifying Him.

Wow. Blessings do sometimes come in the most unexpected forms. Isn't God amazing?

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  1. Glad to meet you, and glad you are back.
    Yes, we must be careful of the time sucking ways of the computer. Sometimes a fast is in order.
    Shakespeare, you asked about him. I sometimes wonder about his plays, but they have been around for so long since his death. They are still known, and talked of. His quotes are still used today.
    I imagine sometimes. What if that which I do and say is still around and talked of, used, and appreciated, enacted, and dramatized over a hundred years after I am gone? Wouldn't that be something? That's when I think maybe it's worth checking out, even if to say whether I like this play, or don't care for that one. Guess that's my best answer for now! Thanks for asking.God bless, and thanks for being ok. with how I do school and taking what you like, and feeling free to leave the rest. To glean from others, or be inspired without a burden of guilt, envy, or comparison is an excellent quality.


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