Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of 90

See that image above? Hopefully it will be one that you'll be seeing a lot of on this blog.

That's because I'm reading the Bible in 90 Days. And I'm attempting to blog at least once a week about it.

Are you reading the Bible in 90 Days? If you are, then you probably read your first 12 pages today. I did. I had planned to read first thing in the morning... but I overslept.

The kids woke up before me, and any mom of small kids out there knows that not a lot of reading gets done while the 1st grader & the toddler are running amok. Well, reading can get done in bits & pieces, but it's usually interrupted every 6-10 sentences, and since half your brain is wondering why they are so quiet (or conversely, why the toddler - who has recently discovered the power of the blood curdling scream - is at it again), you could end up reading an entire page and not have any memory for what you just read. You know, where you are left wondering, not only what part of the story you just read, but also what book you just read. Was it that new Michael Crichton novel? That knitting book? The 1987 edition of the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages? Who knows? I was listening for the children and wondering if that strange ripping sound followed by muffled yelps had anything to do with that missing roll of duct tape...

Needless to say, I ended up reading after the boys went to bed.

Today's reading covered the creation, the original sin, the flood, all the way up through Hagar's conversation with the Angel of the Lord. I wanted to keep reading, because I know that whole test of Abram is coming up, but I refrained from jumping ahead. The wise people at Bible in 90 Days set up a schedule for a reason. I shall do my best to stick to it.

So, how did your reading go today?


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