Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WFMW - A Tasty Summer Treat

We call this refreshing summer snack
"Lemon Fizzy-Twizzy."

It's so simple to make that I'm not sure it can be called a recipe.

Here's what you need:

~As many drinking cups as you have people
~ White soda, cold (I use Ginger Ale)
~ Lemonade, cold (Right now we're using Country Time)
~ Twizzlers - they have to be the regular kind, like that shown (We like cherry the best)

Here are the super-difficult directions:

1. Fill the cups a little more than halfway full with soda.
2. Top it off with lemonade.
3. Give each person a Twizzler & tell them to bite off each end.
4. Put the Twizzler into the cup and use as straw*.
5. Eat your straw when your drink is gone, or as you drink it.

 *Note: Occasionally the "straw" will close up at an end. If this happens, just bite off the collapsed part & keep going.
That's it! My kids think it's fun to use their edible "straws." And, as an added bonus, if you happen to have a youngster with sensory needs (like those from autism or ADHD), this is a great sensory snack. The hole in the middle of the Twizzler is really small, so kids have to work all those oral muscles to get their drink. Plus, the cold temperature, fizziness and tart flavor all provide sensory input.

I do want to mention that the handsome (and very enthusiastic-looking) chap in the above photo helped to concoct this snack. I promise, he likes it a LOT more than it looks like in that picture!

Oh, and kids who don't have sensory needs think it's a yummy treat, too!
I know it's not exactly healthy, but on a hot summer day, this snack works for me!
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