Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Fourth of July Weekend

This year, went took a road trip with my husband's family. We drove from St. Louis, MO to Woodstock, IL, which is about a 6 hour drive. (Okay, it was a little longer than that because we did stop to eat breakfast & lunch in parks along the way.)

We had a fun time, and Woodstock is a great little town. (It's where much of the movie Groundhog Day was filmed.)

They have a town square with a little park in the middle.
 There are cobblestone streets, and charming shops, with cobblestones painted on the floors:

It's a charming town, with an Opera House, and a court house.

The square was decked out for the holiday, with red white & blue everywhere.

We drove up Saturday, then spent some time in the town square. Right now they have all these rocking horses displayed. Each horse was painted by a local artist, and they are adorable. (I'll post some pictures of those later this week!) When we had seen the horses and town square, we went back to the inlaws' house and had dinner. After it got dark, the boys made shadow puppets on the ceiling of the screened in porch.

Sunday we played some rock band, visited my husband's grandfather (in a nursing home) and ate way too much food. We all gathered again on the screened in porch when it got dark to watch the town's fireworks display. They have the perfect view, and it was so comfortable and easy just to sit in a comfy chair, out of the rain and away from the mosquito's to watch the festivities.

Tyson loved the fireworks. Unfortunately, Riley fell asleep just before they started. Try as we might, we could not wake him up to see them. Our normally light sleeper was exhausted and out like a light.

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