Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WFMW - A Fancy Breakfast

This breakfast has three main parts, all of which can be changed to suit the season & your family's tastes. It's a little more effort, so I usually save it for special occasions, or I make enough to quickly throw it together each day for a week.

Part One: Pancakes.
You can use your favorite scratch recipe (I use one I altered from my Betty Crocker cookbook - my version has no fat and whole wheat flour), box mix, frozen, or whatever you like best. You could also use waffles.

Part Two: Fruit salad.
I make mine fresh with whatever is in season. The one in the picture (below) included apples, oranges, fresh pineapple, blackberries & blueberries.

Part Three: Yogurt Sauce.
I blend together a banana and about a cup of yogurt. My kids also like a little honey in it. If you use banana, it won't keep very long in the fridge, so if you're planning to eat this another day, you might want to pick another fruit.

You are limited only by your own creativity. In the summer, I will sometimes use chopped fresh pineapple for the fruit & flavor the yogurt with a little coconut extract. We call this the Tropical Fancy Breakfast. In the winter I cut up bananas & pecans & flavor the yogurt with a little maple extract.

Anyway, warm up your pancake or waffle.
Top with fruit salad.
Pour a little yogurt sauce on top.

That's about it. Again, a recipe so simple you can hardly call it a recipe. My kids love it because it's tasty; I love it because it's actually healthy.

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