Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Ghosts

Well, October begins this Friday, and I thought I would share our new Halloween decorations.

We made them for FREE! with materials we had around the house, but you could make them pretty cheap if you're resourceful.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Some old tennis balls (or golf balls for smaller ghosts)
  • White fabric (I used garage sale-find curtains)
  • Scissors
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Fabric (or permanent) markers
  • Needles & white thread
  • Very enthusiastic helper

Here's what you do:
Cut the fabric to cover the tennis ball, plus enough to hang in a spooky fashion. I just eye-balled it. You'll need more than one layer if your fabric is thin. Also, more layers mean a fuller "body."

Put the tennis ball in the center & gather the fabric around it. Fasten with a pipe cleaner.

Shred the fabric that's hanging loose. I started it by snipping several places along the edge & then let the boys finish by ripping the strips apart. Be sure all the rips move up, toward the tennis ball. (I couldn't get a picture because Riley needed a little help.)

Draw a ghostly face with your marker.

Fasten a loop of thread to the top using a needle & thread. Just thread the needle and slip it through a couple layers of the fabric. Then knot the ends.

Repeat until you have several, then hang them in your home or from your tree.

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  1. CUTE! My youngest daughter was just asking me if we had any ghosts to decorate our home with for Halloween....I think we'll be making some of these!


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