Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Won't You Consider?

Seven months ago, a very special blogger took a trip that changed the lives of many.

She changed the life of my family; she changed the life of a Kenyan family... just by taking a trip, presenting a need (because she's very good at that) and blogging about the whole thing.

Okay, that was much more simplistic than what actually happened, and I do believe in giving credit where credit is due (though she would probably say that she doesn't deserve any credit...). Kristen didn't just go on a trip. She trusted in God and allowed Him split her heart wide open, to show her the most heartbreaking places on Earth, to show her poverty, despair, faith and hope all rolled up into one of the most desperate areas known to man. And she came back and shared her experience with her readers. She continues to move hearts and hands through her blog.

And in bravely fulfilling a purpose that God seems to have assigned her, she moved our hearts and our hands, and we brought into our lives and our family a beautiful little girl who lives on the other side of the world.

And now, another blogger who moves me almost daily has embarked on a similar journey. Ann has a beautiful way with words. She has a talent for expressing in words that which does not easily translate from heart to mouth to syllables. She is a daily inspiration to me, though she doesn't know it at all.

If you have a moment, if you are brave enough to allow God to break your heart, if you have faith enough to allow Him to move you... please visit Ann's blog. She's been posting pictures and words all week that will repel you, hurt you, make you look into the face of desperation.

But her words will also show you true faith. Raw, powerful, inspiring faith.

And her words will show you that there is hope. Real, honest, tangible hope. God moves among the hearts of people, brings them together. Across miles, across oceans, across languages. It wasn't a terrible sacrifice for us, but it continues to be a tremendous difference for a seven year old girl in Africa.

Please read the stories of these women. And if you can find the space in your heart, make the space in your pocketbook, create the space in your life... consider making a real difference in the life of a real child.

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