Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We here on the Purple Brick Road will be faced with an outcome tomorrow.

There are only two possible outcomes.

The only thing that is certain - absolutely certain - is that one of two things will happen.

Each possibility means something completely different, though neither truly means the "end of the world as we know it" (& I feel fine...)

You'd think that one would be better or worse than the other; isn't that how everything in life is? One option always weighs more heavily than another?

So, then I ask you:
How can I be afraid of both outcomes?

I apologize, kind friends, for my absence. Several factors (I think they call them collectively "life") are taking up my time & energy. Please don't give up on me... I have much to share, just as soon as I pop my head above the water & catch my breath.

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  1. It's normal to be afraid, even of a seemingly "good" outcome. Because we know that the "good" outcome carries with it more questions than answers. It's ok to be afraid. I'd be worried about you if you WEREN'T afraid.
    I will never give up on you, and have been praying my heart and soul out for you and Tyson and the rest of the family. Please remember I'm here, if you need me please call me. Never forget: I come armed for any battle with prayer, hugs, chocolate and snotrags!!! I love you!


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