Monday, February 1, 2010

Bible in 90 Days update

It's been a while since I posted about how it's going.

It's going... inconsistently.

I'm frustrated because I keep getting behind. Wednesdays are just not a good day to read. My work schedule and my after-work schedule are super busy.

Today I'm about one full day behind. I'm feeling frustrated. And I hope to get caught up and ahead by Tuesday. Maybe if I read some of Wednesday's pages on Tuesday I will be able to eek out Wednesdays pages on time.


As for the actual content, I'm loving it. Here are a few reflections:

  • The Old Testament is seriously violent. There is a lot of beheading people, chopping them with the sword, piercing people with the sword, etc. If God were to make it into a movie, it would have to be rated R for adult content & violence.
  • I simply do not understand how in the name of all that is purple, the people of Israel kept turning their backs on the Lord their God. Seriously! I mean, I know they didn't have the Grace that came from Christ or anything, but they did have prophets. And they had the stories of their own ancestors - all that wonderfullness of God bringing their own people up out of Egypt. They had miracles. But they still kept putting up those darned asherah poles. This boggles my mind & I simply do. not. get. it.
  • The story of David was a happy & sad & happy one. He messed up by having that one guys killed, but he faced his punishment & moved on, walking in the ways of the Lord. The story of Solomon was happy and then tragically sad. You would have thought that after having spoken directly with the Lord, and receiving all that wisdom straight from God Himself, Solomon would have been able to stay faithful to the Lord.
  • I cannot pronounce any of the names or places in the Old Testament. I am sure God cringes each time I verbally butcher someone's name. This was especially true in 1 Chronicles.
  • I must admit to being a little surprised by the fact that the Israelites put to death so many children of the people they were driving out. Everytime it says "both young & old," I want to cry. I haven't read this part of the Bible since I became a mom, and it breaks my heart to think about that. I understand that God was really only concerned with His people and everything, but still, that's not a side of God I had ever really ruminated on before. It's uncomfortable.
Overall, I am absolutely loving the changes in my heart that are stemming from spending this much time [almost] daily in the Word.

Are you reading the #B90Days? How are you doing?


  1. One day behind isn't bad at all!! Remember, there is a 2 day buffer built in too! Every day I try to read an extra chapter or so ~ like when I'm really close to the end of one of the books {like the end of 2 Chronicles}, I just finish it up all in one shot. :)

    I was wanting to smack some Israelites upside the head too, but then got my own little smack realizing how much we are all like the Israelites constantly. How often do we put other things before our time with God? Ummm...I'm guilty!! :)

  2. I think you are doing really, really well! It's tough to keep up every single day, but you are really, really close!

    And, even better, it sound as thought you are gaining a lot from the reading, too.

    Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are doing very well!!!


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