Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stream of Consciousness, sort of.

I read something the other day (on a blog I love) that bothered me. I commented, (as did a lot of other people) and felt satisfied to have put in my two cents. The author was very gracious in her reply to me, and I hardly thought of it again. Just now I saw some of the comments left after mine, and now I am bothered again.

I am trying to figure out if I should blog about it or not. It sounds so stupid, but I wouldn't want anyone else to feel bothered by my blog post about being bothered.

I actually sat down to pour out my thoughts on the matter... but I stopped short. I'm unsure of whether to proceed. Is it acceptable to vent one's issues with another blogger's post on one's own blog? She has a ginormous readership (somewhere in the ballpark of eleventy million readers), while mine is small-ish (okay, okay. I think I probably have about 7 or 8 readers now), so I'm pretty sure that nobody who reads her blog also reads mine. (I mean seriously, I think I'm related to at least 3 of my regular readers.)

But still.

I hesitate.

I do not wish to ruffle any feathers.

I do not wish to offend.


Perhaps I should sleep on it & figure out what to do tomorrow.

For now, I will leave you with a photo of the two most adorable people I know.

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  1. On the one hand, this is your page. It serves as an outlet, a sounding board. We are small in the blog world, as you said.
    On the other hand, we should write in a way that glorifies God. What if our children read out blog when we are gone.
    I think you are right to take a day and think on it. Then you can make it yours. Then you can say it with grace, and maybe we can grow from it also.


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