Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Difficult Stuff...

There are two things flying through my mind right now. Neither of them are easy to think about, but I think both need to be shared. Please take a few minutes to click on each of the links I've posted. One is a commentary on the state of parts of our society. The other is... well, information about the state of another society.
I want to show you a really good post.

No, silly! It's not here on my blog. ("Really good posts" are in short supply here...)

Click on over to The Dana Show to see an excellent commentary on the woman who posted her abortion on YouTube.

The story itself absolutely disgusted me. The video is... well, I honestly can't think of a word to describe what it is. The words "disgusting," "sad," "infuriating," "abhorrent," and "disturbing" all fall terribly short. But Dana's post puts a spotlight on what is really going on. Prejudice. Discrimination. A crumbling of Civil Rights. But not in the way the progressives in our society like to think.

As long as you are clicking all over the innernets, I'll share another link with you today.

I've been reading the blogs of two great women for a while, and this week they have left the comfort of their homes to travel to Kenya with Compassion. But they aren't just traveling through Africa. They are blogging through Africa. Every day (usually more than once) they post photos, thoughts, feelings and information about their experiences.

I had never heard of Compassion International until they started posting about it. I had no idea how their trip would affect me. Just click over to the Compassion website, then click on each of their photos to visit each of their blogs. I will tell you know that this is not easy stuff to look at. It is not something we really want to see, but it is something that we need to see. And I challenge you to read their blogs and not be moved. Moved to tears, moved to reevaluate, moved to praise God, moved to help.

My husband & I are doing a little financial rearranging this week, and as soon as things are in place (likely by Friday) we will be sponsoring a child. Because we looked at the photos, read the posts, then looked at our own home/stuff/life and said, "Really how can we not help?".

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  1. Gr. Didn't watch the video, but I'm absolutely disgusted thinking about it!!!


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