Tuesday, March 23, 2010


First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my #fail post. I truly did not expect the outpouring of encouragement & prayer that I read.

Right now, I feel like my computer when it is processing something. Seriously, I feel like I have that little spinning colorwheel (for you Mac users; or that little tipping hourglass for you PC's) right smack in the middle of my forehead today.

I'm doing the "three P's:" Praying, Processing and Pondering.

I'm also doing the "three R's: Reading, Reading, Reading.

Okay, I know that's just the same "R" repeated over & over, but it's been a LOT of reading. (In fact, I finished Ezekiel today!)

I hate drama and attention and I'm already feeling a bit embarrassed about that post... But I think I really did need to get it out there. Keeping it all inside was making it much, much worse. I'm not sure if it's really better today (remember, I'm still praying & pondering) but I know it didn't get worse today. I've heard that confession is good for the soul. And I have to admit that (although I was afraid of getting responses) I did feel like a weight had been lifted as soon as I wrote that post.

I will definitely have more on this later... After I've done more of those P's.

But for now I have to say thank you.


Oh, and did you know that I am somebody's "funny purple friend?" that totally made me laugh right through my tears!!!


  1. Hang in there sister! I'm glad you're moving ahead. :) :)

  2. Thanks. Needed that kind comment this morning. I'm in a struggling mode today. God bless you..my l.p.f. :)


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