Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inexpensive Entertainment

Summer is in full swing, and that means that I am constantly looking for fun things to do that get us out of the house... but don't cost so much we need a second mortgage on the house.

In our county, we have lots and lots of opportunities for cheap (and sometimes free!) entertainment. Our library hosts summer reading clubs for babies all the way up through adults. They have fun prizes for reading certain numbers of books, and they also have interesting speakers and workshops for families.

We also have one of the best public zoos in the country. Regular admission is free, although they do have some areas that require a small fee. If you ever visit St. Louis, you really should check it out.

Our county parks do a lot of fun things as well, and a couple of weeks we took advantage of one of my favorites. Our local Sculpture Park had music & movie Friday. This is where a local band comes and plays a set, and then after it gets dark, they show a family film on a giant inflatable screen. And the whole event is free.

Of course, they have snack vendors roaming around, some people bring fast food and some even bring fancy platters of fruit and cheese, and break open bottles of wine! But we here at The Purple Brick Road are on a budget, so we go a little more old fashioned. We pack a picnic dinner.

Everyone in the family loves a good picnic.
As the mom, I especially love the clean up. Just a few wet wipes and a shake of the blanket, and it's all done!

Okay, maybe it takes a little more than just a few wet wipes...

This event happens on one Friday evening each month of the summer. And on the other Fridays there are other things to do, like car shows, nature walks, etc.

What do you do for cheap entertainment during the summer months?

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