Thursday, June 10, 2010

KidSpeak - and a Giveaway!

It's time, once again for another episode of KidSpeak. This is where I share with you some of the funny, quirky and just plain cute things my kids have said recently.

First up, Riley. He's 2 years old, so he's just beginning to put multiple words together. The results are sometimes confusing, but he always knows what he's saying.
~ "Windy fine." He is afraid of the wind. Wind usually comes with storms, so he is very concerned at the slightest breeze lately. I say, "Oh no. The wind is fine. It's just a little breeze..."

~ "Uh-oh. Ty-Ty trouble." Riley is quite familiar with being in trouble, so he's very interested when anyone else in the family seems in trouble.

~ "Ty-Ty done poop." He's also just beginning potty training, so he is very interested (and insists on accompanying everyone) whenever anyone goes into the bathroom. Ty-Ty is usually not amused by this running commentary.

~ "ah-ddada-bee-buh-dah-mee-bah." Your guess is as good as mine...

~ "Mawn, Daddy!Sit down! Pay." Translation: "Come on, Daddy. Sit down and pray," while waiting for his Dad to come to the table for dinner. I believe Riley could end up being a pastor.

~ [Crying] "No! Ree Bah-bo! Bah-bo! Mommy! Ree!" Translation: "No! Read the Bible! Bible! Mommy! Read!" after I told him that we could read another book because we finished reading the Bible. He did not stop until I got the Bible in 90 Days & started reading. More evidence that there is a future pastor among us.

Tyson has had some interesting thoughts to share lately.
~ "Mom, can you make Hot Dog Casserole? It's easy. You just cut up the hot dogs, then put the casserole part on top." Yes, darling, if only it were that easy...

~ "MOM!" [Oh my. Is he bleeding from the head?] "TODAY IS MAY 26. It is my HALF BIRTHDAY. I am seven AND A HALF today."

~ "There are two kinds of ninjas: Fire ninjas and regular ninjas. I'm going to be both kinds." Okay.

~ "Riley, NO BITING. That's inappropriate. And GROSS." Uh-oh. He's starting to sound like me...

~ [At the dinner table] "You know what's weird?" [breaks wind, loudly- grins HUGE] "Okay, not that. I was going to say something else..." Ugh. Life with boys. It bears mentioning that both his dad and his little brother had a good chuckle over this one.

~ "Dad, you really need to go easy on Riley. He's had a looooong day." When his dad was trying to get Riley to clean up his toys. Riley did, in fact, have a long day that included a couple of bumps on the head and a few trips to the time out rug.

And finally...
~ [Me] "Buddy. That's not necessary. I don't want to hear that. Save the drama for your Mama."
   [Tyson] "Well, you're my Mama, so I saved it all up for you!" Oy. What can I say to that?

And now for the giveaway. I have a set of five handmade cards (blank inside, with envelopes), and I want to send them to one of you.
 Here's how you can win them:

Riley has some interesting substitutions for common words. Most of them have to do with food items. Below I have listed six of his most common substitutions. Leave your best guess (in the comments section) as to what five foods he's talking about. I will randomly choose a commenter who has correctly guessed at least three of the six.

You can get additional entries by Tweeting this, by linking to this post in your blog and by following this blog (if you don't already). Just leave a comment to let me know what you did (include the link so I know if you Tweeted or blogged!)

Here are the KidSpeak versions of his favorite foods:

~ Bed             
~ Bean beans
~ Doodles
~ Eye kee
~ Kickle
~ Kinckles

Can you tell what they are?

I'll choose the winner and post the answers next Wednesday (June 16). Good luck!


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  2. Yay, I love the KidSpeak posts! So cute!

    Let's see how good "Auntie Becca" is at deciphering:

    ~ Bed = Bread
    ~ Bean beans = Green beans
    ~ Doodles = noodles
    ~ Eye kee = Ice Cream
    ~ Kickle = Pickle?
    ~ Kinckles = Crackers? Pringles? (stab in the dark on this one!)

    Beautiful cards, by the way!

  3. Whew, I just twittered, facebooked, and blogged you! :)

  4. Oh! I am ALL OVER this one!

    1) Bread
    2) Jelly Beans
    3) Poodles (Kids eat the darndest things!)
    4) Ice cream
    5) Pickle
    6) Pringle

  5. Tweet, tweet!


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