Friday, April 9, 2010

All About Ty

This post is all about Ty. He is growing up so quickly... I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday that he was running around our house on those pudgy little feet with his woobie not far away.

Now he's a big first grader who is finding all kinds of independence.

-He can make his own sandwiches.
-He insists on walking to the bus stop "on his own" (which means that I drive or walk several feet   
       behind him).
-He can identify his own sensory needs & initiate supports some of the time.
-He can do real chores around the house that are actually helpful (though I have to remind him)
-He is a master at the art of negotiation
-He can now beat me (fair & square!) at several different games

And, he's a Cub Scout. Two weeks ago he got his Tiger Cub badge.
And he knows where it goes!

And he recently had some of his artwork displayed in the Board Room of his school district's administration offices!
 It's a paint-collaged alligator.
He loves art. My wonderful, creative, independent boy.

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