Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a Party!

 We had Riley's birthday party the last Saturday of March. (I know, I'm a terrible blogger to be so far behind...)

Anyway, Riley turned two! We had a small family party (well, as small as we can have since this kids have lots of aunts & uncles). We struggled to find a theme. He's not into any one type of toy. He doesn't have a favorite movie (he's never even sat still long enough to see a whole movie!). He doesn't watch TV or play video games, so he doesn't have any favorite characters. His nickname is "Wild Thing," but we did a "Where the Wild Things Are" party last year.

We finally settled on "Riley's Favorite Foods." The funny thing about Riley is that he is a bit of a picky eater (which seems funny to us because his older brother literally eats EVERYTHING). This child survives mostly on fruit and crackers. We always offer a variety of healthy foods, but he picks & chooses what he wants. On some days he will eat all kinds of foods, and on other days... well, it's all fruit & crackers, all day long.

So, I posted a snack menu on the front door. The items?

-Animal crackers
-Crackers and cheese
-Crackers and cheese with mini peperoni's
-Crackers and peanut butter
-Crackers and peanut butter with banans

And the cake? I made an angel food cake & filled it with fruit.
It was a great party, with food, family and friends.

Oh, and Tyson totally got into snuggling with the newest member of the F. Family - his cousin Claire!
Aren't they so cute?

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