Thursday, April 29, 2010

Therapy Thursday

Tyson has now been doing his new therapy for one week. So far, I think we might be seeing some improvements, though I'm not sure I can attribute anything we've seen to the therapy so far. But, this has been week one of what will be approximately 12 weeks of treatment.

The new therapy is called therapeutic listening. Basically, Tyson listens to electronically modulated music for 30 minutes, twice each day through these big ginormous special headphones.

 The music on the CD is modulated, but the headphones further modulate the music, controlling some of the right-left stereo effects.
I think Tyson has been more relaxed. He still tries to get out of doing homework, but I think it's partly out of habit. And it does seem that once he resigns himself to doing it, he is sometimes getting it completed in a reasonable amount of time (not counting sensory breaks every 30-45 minutes).

I guess time will tell if this therapy will work for Ty. So far, I have to say that I'm glad that he doesn't seem to mind it. In fact, I think he actually enjoys it!
Click here for more information on Sensory Processing Disorder.

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